Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is risen...

In the spirit of Easter, I'd like to introduce:
bka- "Lego Jesus", "Sweet Baby Jesus 3000", "Jesús el Hijo de Dios", (...kidding on that last one).

Now before you go screaming blasphamy at our Cognac colored Jesus, rest assured, he was made in good taste.

As far as I know, lil J.C. didn't come from a manger and thus far hasn't performed any miracles-- although he does emmit a rather heavenly glow (that's probably just the VS clarity diamonds, but...)

Jason immaculately concieved made this for a client who had an eye for a different kind of Jesus piece. With a million and one Jesus face/Franco chain combos floating around, I'd say he got the job done with a light hearted twist.

I think that deserves an Amen. ~VK
(Matt 28:6)


  1. Wow. Incredible black baby jesus piece. Kudos!

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