Thursday, August 26, 2010

Behind the Scenes With RAY J

Ray J has already become a familiar face to the Jason of Beverly Hills showroom, but this time, we brought the showroom to him.
I caught up with Mr. Sexy Can I on the set of the new Gucci Mane video, "Do You Remember" that Ray is featured on. Jason hand selected over one million dollars worth of custom inventory for him to choose from including our Dunamis Hercules Masterpiece watch and a black diamond necklace boasting 2 carats per stone. Needless to say, these two share similar taste; flashy and fabulous!
We discussed his love for jewels and why he wanted to step it up for the occasion.

During our little chat, the producers of Ray J's hit reality show "A Family Business" turned the cameras on your girl and caught me in some interesting Billie Jean inspired shoes.
Sue me for liking sparkly see where I work.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

In Case You Missed It: Sharon Osbourne in JBH on America's Got Talent

Sharon Osbourne loves her diamonds and she certainly knows how to wear them well. Here she is wearing a few signature Jason of Beverly Hills pieces on "America's Got Talent".
She did the tri-colored diamond "D" bangles which come in white, black and yellow gold, and the popular "Angel Ring"

In case you missed the "America's Got Talent YouTube Special", here's a clip of one of the more interesting performances. Magician, Dan Sperry creeped out the audience with a string of dental floss and a breath mint, but the best part was Howie Mandel's reaction at 0:44 and Sharon's uncontrollable fit of laughter!

Hysterical! Howie is known to have a serious case of mysophobia (fear of germs) and he was not pleased to have that string of magic floss anywhere near him.
Poor Sharon couldn't stop laughing to save her life! But she did look great in her jewels.

lol ~vK

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hot Items: Keyshia Cole Bracelet

Keyshia Cole is bringing colored stones back with an amazing new piece made by Jason of Beverly Hills. Check the vid.

Nice. ~vK

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jackie O's Signature Pearls Up For Auction

Former first lady Jackie Onassis has held her rank as a fashion icon for decades with her classic ensembles and the all important signature accessory: Pearls.
This Sunday, August 15th, a three strand pearl necklace, previously owned by Jackie O is up for auction as part of Bonham's Pioneers of Popular Culture sale. The auction will also include iconic pieces such as an Abbey Road Studios' piano, played by The Beatles and Pink Floyd and an electric Solidbody Stratocaster guitar by Fender worth £25000- £35000.
Off popularity alone, Bonhams is expecting to fetch a pretty penny for the pearl necklace that can be seen worn by the first lady in countless photos. It even comes in its original Sotheby's box and carrying pouch and is expect to sell for around $39,672 and $55,541.
The real story is that the necklace is from a set of faux babbles that Jackie wore regularly as she was known to misplace her jewels from time to time. Their actual worth is said to be around a few hundred dollars.

For those have a serious penchant for pearls, you can place your bid on the online auction HERE.

Here are a few pics of some of my favorite girls in pearls.

First Lady Michelle Obama & Sarah Jessica Parker

Pop star Lady Gaga & Rock star Rihanna

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Naomi's Testimony: "Dirty-Looking Stones"

Last week we touched on the case of the blood diamond gift that was allegedly given to super model Naomi Campbell by former Liberian president Charles Taylor.
For months Miss Campbell pleaded with the courts to spare her the drama of being involved in a case against the man who is accused of a number of unimaginable war crimes against his own people. Her reluctance, which many media outlets are referring to as "refusal to cooperate", is out of fear for her own families safety.
Campbell would have faced up to seven years in prison if she didn't show up.
Well, she did.
Here is a sample of her testimony.

Only time will tell if Naomi's testimony helped or hurt the prosecution. If nothing else, her fame alone has brought the attention back to a case that hasn't had this much headline presence since Kanye West's "Diamonds Are Forever, Sierra Leone Remix".
Justice has yet to be served and the tragic events that stem from this case should not be forgotten. ~vK

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MEN-gagement Rings

Once upon a time, all you needed were two brass rings and a pre-nup preacher and you would be quickly on your way to wedded bliss.
Somewhere down the line, one of two things happened. Either men thought it would be a good idea to brand his bride with an over-sized, can't miss it, "she's taken" rock on her finger to let the world know that she did in fact have a man at home.

OR we ladies, being ever so mesmerized by shiny things, decided that the "symbol of our love" had to be the size of a golf ball or it didn't count.

Now, although I am a firm believer in the latter, I find it interesting that for a long time, men were often let off the hook by not having to sport a ring that was as obvious as his brides. Usually, it was the smallest, most inconspicuous thing you could find in the shop, that is if they even choose to wear a ring at all.
How many guys do you know that used the "Well, I don't like to wear alot of jewelry..." line to get out of wearing a wedding band? Yet strangely you can't seem to separate him from his Breitling or Dunamis watch.

Times have certainly changed.

More and more, men are opting to make statements with their wedding bands by ditching the boring brass for something with a little more style. By exploring new shapes, designing custom bands or adding diamonds, the guys are definitely stepping it up in the ring department. And dare I say, they prefer it this way?

I'm sure alot of wives can be thanked for this new trend. As much as we love to show off the mini fortunes on our fingers, we want our men to be proud to wear a "back off badge" that can be seen by a blind person in the dark.
Or perhaps a 'single lady' with astigmatism.

Regardless of the reason, it's about time that the grooms are allowed to get in on all the fun.

Congratulations to B&D!!!! ~vK