Thursday, August 26, 2010

Behind the Scenes With RAY J

Ray J has already become a familiar face to the Jason of Beverly Hills showroom, but this time, we brought the showroom to him.
I caught up with Mr. Sexy Can I on the set of the new Gucci Mane video, "Do You Remember" that Ray is featured on. Jason hand selected over one million dollars worth of custom inventory for him to choose from including our Dunamis Hercules Masterpiece watch and a black diamond necklace boasting 2 carats per stone. Needless to say, these two share similar taste; flashy and fabulous!
We discussed his love for jewels and why he wanted to step it up for the occasion.

During our little chat, the producers of Ray J's hit reality show "A Family Business" turned the cameras on your girl and caught me in some interesting Billie Jean inspired shoes.
Sue me for liking sparkly see where I work.


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