Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MEN-gagement Rings

Once upon a time, all you needed were two brass rings and a pre-nup preacher and you would be quickly on your way to wedded bliss.
Somewhere down the line, one of two things happened. Either men thought it would be a good idea to brand his bride with an over-sized, can't miss it, "she's taken" rock on her finger to let the world know that she did in fact have a man at home.

OR we ladies, being ever so mesmerized by shiny things, decided that the "symbol of our love" had to be the size of a golf ball or it didn't count.

Now, although I am a firm believer in the latter, I find it interesting that for a long time, men were often let off the hook by not having to sport a ring that was as obvious as his brides. Usually, it was the smallest, most inconspicuous thing you could find in the shop, that is if they even choose to wear a ring at all.
How many guys do you know that used the "Well, I don't like to wear alot of jewelry..." line to get out of wearing a wedding band? Yet strangely you can't seem to separate him from his Breitling or Dunamis watch.

Times have certainly changed.

More and more, men are opting to make statements with their wedding bands by ditching the boring brass for something with a little more style. By exploring new shapes, designing custom bands or adding diamonds, the guys are definitely stepping it up in the ring department. And dare I say, they prefer it this way?

I'm sure alot of wives can be thanked for this new trend. As much as we love to show off the mini fortunes on our fingers, we want our men to be proud to wear a "back off badge" that can be seen by a blind person in the dark.
Or perhaps a 'single lady' with astigmatism.

Regardless of the reason, it's about time that the grooms are allowed to get in on all the fun.

Congratulations to B&D!!!! ~vK

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