Thursday, August 5, 2010

Naomi's Testimony: "Dirty-Looking Stones"

Last week we touched on the case of the blood diamond gift that was allegedly given to super model Naomi Campbell by former Liberian president Charles Taylor.
For months Miss Campbell pleaded with the courts to spare her the drama of being involved in a case against the man who is accused of a number of unimaginable war crimes against his own people. Her reluctance, which many media outlets are referring to as "refusal to cooperate", is out of fear for her own families safety.
Campbell would have faced up to seven years in prison if she didn't show up.
Well, she did.
Here is a sample of her testimony.

Only time will tell if Naomi's testimony helped or hurt the prosecution. If nothing else, her fame alone has brought the attention back to a case that hasn't had this much headline presence since Kanye West's "Diamonds Are Forever, Sierra Leone Remix".
Justice has yet to be served and the tragic events that stem from this case should not be forgotten. ~vK

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  1. I wish I was there, I would have thrown a cell phone at every single last one of them asking questions. If you ask me, it's a publicity stunt, I couldn't agree more. *throws two cent in the bucket*