Thursday, June 4, 2009

Barack Obama's....BLING??

No. Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is your awesome Commander in Chief getting dripped with a gold rope that would put your favorite rapper to shame.

"The Ba-rack" has been receiving the royal treatment from King Abdullah on his recent trip to Saudi Arabia. Upon his arrival, he was presented with the King Abdul Aziz Order of Merit, an outrageous gold necklace and medallion. And this isn't just any old piece and chain; it is known to be the countries highest honor to receive one of these. Goldstar.

Abdullah tells Obama, "Those are only given to the very few friends of the king, and you are certainly one of those". Apparently, the word is still out on whether or not Dubya Bush ever got one of these...

I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but smile when I spotted this sweet photo op last night. I would have given my first born if he had thrown up "the Roc", lol. ~vK

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