Saturday, January 2, 2010

Congratulations to Daniel Gibson and Keyshia Cole

Congratulations to Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson on their engagement from Jason of Beverly Hills!
Keyshia Cole's (not shown) engagement ring

As you've probably heard, Daniel Gibson of the Cleveland Cavaliers made a wedding proposal to singer Keyshia Cole at the stroke of midnight this New Years Eve.
Daniel reached out to Jason of Beverly Hills for the fabulous ring 10 days before the proposal. He had a very specific look in mind for the design. Jason immediately flew out for a private meeting with Daniel where they spent over an hour working on the perfect design for Keyshia.
The Jason of Beverly Hills team rushed the order and Jason personally hand delivered the ring to Daniel just hours before the proposal. The finished product was simply gorgeous, totaling in nearly 9 carats of diamonds.

**Note to gents in 2010: "Each one Teach one", put a ring on it. ~vK

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