Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Fire: Jason of Beverly Hills Wing Rings

For today's Friday Fire, I wanted to re-visit the Jason of Beverly Hills signature Wing Rings.
We first saw this piece on Rihanna in all white diamonds; just out and about, being her fabulous self. Later, Katy Perry had one made in black diamonds that she wore to the Grammy Nomination Party in December.

Which of these pop divas wore it best? What diamond color would You prefer? Who out there (like myself) wants one of EACH??

Check out the video below for Timbaland's latest single "If We Ever Meet Again" featuring Katy Perry rocking some JBH blingage.

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  1. I've spent so much time seeking the web to find this ring ! Pleeeeeeease tell me where I can buy it, I want it I neeed it !!!
    Thanks a lot

  2. Oh my God, I'm (slowly) understanding...
    Are YOU the one who designed this marvellous little thing ?
    I neeeeeeeeeed one (or 2).
    OK, i'm looking a bit more at this website and come back again for another little stupid comment, OK ?
    Still the anonymous - Let's say my name is FrenchBlonde now !