Sunday, May 9, 2010

Faisal the Jeweler???

Well here's an interesting bit of news.
Before New York car bomb suspect, Faisal Shahzad, made his failed attempt at blowing up Time Square, he apparently was looking to stack his chips by seeking a job at a jewelry store. *insert laughter*

After returning from a five-month trip to Pakistan, Shahzad made three calls to a Connecticut jewelry store seeking the same menial $10-an-hour job he held in his college days.

In February, a polite Shahzad called Sylvia Lee at Dynasty Jewelry about a job and then made two followup calls and thanked her, even after she turned him away.

"It was very strange, but I remembered him," said Lee, owner of the New Haven shop. "I told him we were very slow and didn't have any job opportunities open.

"I was so surprised to hear from him."

Could you imagine the guy that sold you your engagement ring trying to blow up Time Square? And ten bucks an hour? That doesn't buy you alot of fertilizer and fireworks my friend. And no, we're not hiring either.
It didn't help that reportedly the poor bastard wasn't too bright. For my country's sake, I'm glad your plan was foiled.

You officially put the "FAIL" in Faisal. ~vK


  1. he should have kept selling grills. what an idiot.