Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jason of Beverly Hills Opens its Doors in Sin City

Where do I begin.
On the evening of December 15th, something very special happened. As the sun began to set, there were rumblings of ground breaking new experience that was about to take place in Sin City. There were whispers of a decadent wonderland unlike anyone had ever seen. An oasis that housed the unbridled fantasies of the risk taker, the playful, and the insatiable dreamer. Inside, I heard rumors of a secret place where scantily clad Amazons guarded a treasure trove of diamonds…
The best part was that it was all true. 

Upon my first visit to the Cosmopolitan Hotel, I was immediately floored by the obsessive attention to detail in every inch of the design and architecture. There was velvet and chrome, crystals and marble. And chandeliers. I must have lost count of the many sizes, colors and variety of lovely chandeliers that adorned this place. Not to mention the most unbelievable, gigantic one of all, containing a staggering 2 million glass beads that enclosed a 3 story bar and lounge. Yes, there's a bar inside the chandelier.
Once I was able to tear my eyes away from what was the result of a 3.9 billion dollar dream hotel, I made my way up the glass elevator. The tourist in me excitedly snapped photos of everything that I could spy on my ascension. Finally I reached my destination. 
It was beyond what I had expected, even after everything I had seen in the hotel. Just fabulous. Not to say that our appointment only showroom in Beverly Hills isn't impressive. Nothing beats the exclusivity of your own private viewing of the JBH collection with El Jefe himself. But I have to tip my hat to our sister store in Vegas who is quickly making a name for itself for it's risque decor and diamond goodies.
On the night of the opening, guests of the hotel came in droves to see what the buzz was about at Jason of Beverly Hills. A masked siren draped in diamonds welcomed each guest with a crimson smile, or perhaps something else, depending on how you looked at her. The crowds formed and the cameras began to snap as they were introduced to a display of new pieces that were revealed, some for the very first time. Among the custom creations were the new Hubris:2011 Timepieces, also by Jason of Beverly Hills, which prior to opening night were never before displayed in public.
It was truly a night to remember. Feast your eyes on more of the sights below.

In a hotel that says it's "Just the right amount of wrong", we feel right at home. 
And this is only the beginning. ~vK


  1. This shit is sick! Nice storwe

  2. i was there on the 30 th of december and saw chumlee from the gold and silver pawn shop doing some looking around in the store.
    he also is one of the stars on the Pawn Stars reality show on tv. He politley took a second to stop so we could get a pic of him.