Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jewelry Thieves Fail... Miserably.

Here we go again with the foolishness.
These mallet wielding jewelry thieves, in their Daft Punk inspired disguises, made a cinematic motorcycle entry (did I see a Vespa?) that ended in one giant fail.
Now, anyone with common sense could have pointed out the flaws in this unsuccessful robbery attempt, but lets be honest; all acts of thievery are dumb. Period. 
There is just never a good enough reason to risk prison time by way of swiping a few jewels that don't belong to you. Especially when you end up getting chased out of a jewelry store by a group of middle aged men and a fire extinguisher. Check out the video inside.

Watch this heist gone wrong from four different angles straight from the store owners security cameras.

Did we learn nothing form the 80 year old jewel thief granny? ~vK

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  1. Stupid pplz...i like the bat and the fire extinguisher tho. extremely creative....