Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Doir Joaillerie: Kings and Queens

“As we are temporary, the jewels we wear last through time and centuries” - VOGUE FRANCE

Dior Joaillerie released the morbidly delicious Rois et Reine or "Kings and Queens" collection earlier this year.

Designer Victoire de Castellane, descendant of the France Comtesse de Provence, might have pulled from her royal lineage for inspiration on these intricate pieces. With colorful skulls carved out of precious stones such as jade, obsidian, quartz and jade, they make for an interesting accessory.

It isn't a surprise that Kings and Queens has become an instant hit for Dior, as their abstract pieces are often sought out for their artistic quality. I hear that lovers of the collection have even considered presenting them as engagement rings. Imagine that; "till death do us part...here's a nice reminder".

Still a pretty fab look.

I'd like to think that this is what I'd look like if I could take it all with me. ~vK

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