Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chad Ochocinco's "Friendly Gift" from Jason of Beverly Hills to DWTS Partner

I remember my first friendship ring...
It was made of some ambiguous metal that turned my pinkie green in a matter of hours. Inside was an engraving of my name, tragically misspelled in a generic script.
I think I lost it in about a week.

This is how we're doing friendship rings in 2010 according to Chad Ochocinco. He presented this "friendly gift" to his DWTS partner Cheryl Burke before Monday's taping.

In an interview on Monday, during the taping of Dancing With The Stars, Chad insists that, "It's a thank you. It's a gift. A friendly gift. In my world, we tend to give those that we care about gifts. Why is it such a 'wow'?"
Jason Arasheben of Jason of Beverly Hills Jewelers says it started when Chad woke him up with an urgent phone call at 3am. He asked to see the best diamond rings in his collection in order to custom design a ring for a "very special friend".
Jason says that in order to get a correct ring size for Cheryl, he posed as an agent; never mentioning what the ring was for or who it was from. Cheryl reportedly took it as a bad April Fools joke.
After receiving the ring, Cheryl said in an interview,
"I fainted a little. A little concussion. [He] gave it to me in the trailer on one knee. And it's on my ring finger."
The said "thank you" gift was 8.5 carats of white diamond.

Note to self: Find better friends. ~vK

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