Monday, January 17, 2011

BUSTED!! 80 Year Old Jewelry Thief Caught in the Act

Hide your rings, hide your watch...
Jewelry thieves are blending in with society like mild mannered reporters/caped crusaders these days.
An 80 year old granny could very well be making prison her new home for her involvement in a recent jewelry theft in San Diego.
Doris Payne was convicted of grand theft and burglary in connection with the Jan. 2 a stolen $8,900 ring from Macy's.
And this isn't her first time at the rodeo. Payne has reportedly been flexing her five finger discount for decades making stops in New York, Las Vegas, London, Paris, Monte Carlo and Tokyo.
A 12 year prison sentence back in 1999 didn't stop her either. She quickly bounced back in 2005 while on parole to swipe a $8,500 ring in Nevada and a $31,500, three-stone diamond ring from a Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto, The Times reported back in an interview back in 2008.
If convicted of her latest crime, Payne will serve another five years in prison. Really grandma?
There are now talks of a movie about her life in the works to played by Halle Berry.

Well, that's one way to get famous...vK


  1. that's what Halle will look like when she gets old

  2. I don't think she should go to prison, she obviously needs help though.