Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Fashion: Wardrobe Stylist Holly Suan Gray

A world without wardrobe stylists would be a boring one.
Your favorite magazines would be filled pages with incohesive laundry. The catwalks would have no story to tell. 
We sometimes forget the people that work behind the scenes with every designer, fashion icon, photographer, movie director and so on that help mold trends and influence our everyday style. They arrange garments, jewelry (and the occasional pork chop) to make bold statements that are audible by way of the things that we wear. When done correctly it truly becomes an art form and we appreciate them for what they do.
Today I'd like feature an amazing British freelance stylist by the name of Holly Suan Gray, whose portfolio took my breath away. It was difficult narrowing down my list of favorites among her dozens of editorials that are styled to perfection. I can show you better that I can tell you after the jump.


There's a ton more of her work at her website
Just amazing ~vK

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