Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blinging Barbies

Worlds Most Expensive Barbie by Canturi 
(3 carats white diamond and one emerald cut pink diamond)
Ms Barbra Millicent Roberts is a phenomenal woman. She's traveled the world with effortless style and has held countless occupations with only a vague record of a college degree (Although she famously secured a gig as a surgeon and also took time off to be a special ed teacher. God bless her.) 
To this day, Barbie is still the worlds most popular girl, and on her many adventures over the last 52 years, she seems to have racked up some big bucks as she's recently been spotted rocking some serious diamonds. And yes, they are the real deal.
Check out more of this diamond diva inside.
Appx $300,000-500,000
Check out these other blinging Barbies.
 Lorraine Shwartz Barbie (25,000 worth of diamonds)

De Beers Barbie ($85,000) 

 Barbie and the Diamond Castle Promo Doll ($95,000)

Girl, I hope you are paying your taxes. ~vK

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  1. I hope she is paying her taxes or next she'll be "Jailbird Barbie" lol funny!