Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Neiman Marcus: The Christmas Book

Everyone had a fantasy.
The best go beyond the scope of the imagination, entering a world where there's no such thing as "excessive" and price is not a factor. 
This Christmas, make each and every one of your out-of-this-world fantasies come true by flipping through the pages of the latest Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. Whether its that one of 10 Ferrari you've always wanted, or the 45,000 ping pong tale of your dreams, this handy catalogue of opulent goodies is great for that extra "special" gift this year. 
Disclaimer: Santa's pockets don't even go this deep.

2012 Ferrari FF complete with a customized set of tan leather luggage that match the interior for $395,000. Zoom zoom. 
Got a ping pong fanatic in the family? Let them channel their inner Forrest Gump with this $45,000 black rubber ping pong table. 
For the perfect tea party, have Rebecca Vizard to decorate a beautiful 18 foot yurt for @75,000. For that much, you can swing off the hand-crafted crystal chandelier.
Public libraries tend to be a little stuffy. Have your own built in your home or office for $125,000 with hundreds of vintage books 
Neiman Marcus edition Hacker-Craft speedboat, 27-foot solid mahogany hand-built boat for $250,000
These McKenzie-Child's salt and pepper shakers will jazz up your dinning room for a mere $250 dollars.
Yet another purse that is probably worth more than the amount of money that can fit inside of it. This Judith Leiber clutch worth nearly $5000 may just be large enough to slide a Black Card in there.
And finally, if your secret Santa gift maximum is around 100 bucks, go for these Neiman Marcus, glazed apricots priced at $84.


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