Monday, October 3, 2011

Trust of Public Land to Erect Giant Boulder in Hefner's Honor

Thanks to Hugh Hefner, and a few local supporters, Hollywood's skyline remains intact after last minute funds were donated to save the iconic landmark on Mount Lee last year. For their efforts, Heff, philanthropist Aileen Getty, and the Tiffany & Co Foundation will be honored by leaders from the Trust of Public Land with giant boulders with plaques featuring their names.

Leaders of the trust said Tuesday they plan to place plaques on large boulders to thank the Playboy magazine founder and two others who stepped up at the last moment to donate $1 million each to acquire the peak from its Chicago-based owners.
The donations from Hefner, philanthropist Aileen Getty and the Tiffany & Co. Foundation allowed the trust to meet an April 2010 deadline set by the owners of the 138-acre mountaintop just in time. They had said they would sell it for $11.7 million after purchasing it for $1.7 million in 2002 from the estate of Howard Hughes.
He and Getty will have their boulders placed alongside the trail linking the Cahuenga Peak with the Hollywood sign's Mt. Lee. The Tiffany Foundation will be thanked with a bench on a trail between the Griffith Observatory and Mt. Hollywood at a spot that overlooks the Hollywood sign.

So the next time you pass Hollywood sign, remember the many contributions given to us all by Hugh Hefner ~vK

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