Thursday, January 12, 2012

Red bottoms?

Jason Arasheben- CEO Jason of Beverly Hills
I pose a question to consumers of luxury goods. Which is more important: knowing the value of what you purchase, or knowing that everyone else knows you have expensive taste?  Can someone please explain to me this "red sole" epidemic that is spreading wildly across pop culture? For you cave dwellers among the far reaches of the Cambodian jungle, the red soles I speak from that of shoe designer Christian Louboutin, not to be confused with Christian Audigier. 
(or is it?)

At first glance the shoes are absolutely stunning in appearance with their vicious curves and scarlet soles, not to mention, they are made with the finest materials on earth. But ask even the most loyal buyer and they'll admit that "walking in a pair of Loubs feels like walking across barefoot across a junkyard littered with nails". Just ask my wife who has her podiatrist on speed dial.

But to most, at the end of the day, it's allllllll worth it. Why? Because all of their friends will recognize the infamous red bottoms, even tho they're probably walking away with just barely enough change to keep the parking meter valid for another 12 minutes. 
Wear shoes that make you feel good for you, not for others. With or without the red soles.

Now where do I go to buy those shoes for myself? I heard that the black leather spike men shoes are awesome !!!!! -JA

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