Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wiki Search: DIAMONDS

I tried to wiki "DIAMONDS" today just to see what would happen, and the image above was the result. 

The talk of the day has been the beef with the "Stop Online Piracy Act". SOPA as well as PIPA, or "Protect Intellectual Property Act" are bills that are supposed to help put a stop copyright infringement, but sites such as Wikipedia and Google are crying foul. They believe that the bills will ultimately infringe on free expression, in addition to preventing people to freely access information online. With a 24 hour protest that has made news around the globe, a number of large online sites have "blacked out". They are collectively providing only limited access for one day to promote awareness to the flaws in these bills, showing the masses just how it would feel if we had to take a step back into the "dark ages".
See for yourself, you can go to for more information.

Could you imaging a world with a restricted internet? ~vK

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