Monday, April 9, 2012

How To Avoid Purchasing Garbage Jewelry by Jason Arasheben

Jason Arasheben- CEO Jason of Beverly Hills
"I know diamonds and I understand quality". 
This is something that I hear from clients on a regular basis. The fact of the matter is, most people don't know shit about diamond quality. They're simply trying to impress their jeweler, only to be made fun of as soon as they walk out the store. A common misconception that you can tell a diamonds clarity without a jewelers loop, or with the naked eye, is about as logical as saying that you can tell if a girl is a virgin just by looking at her-- IMPOSSIBLE and downright ignorant.
I'll save you the trouble of having to go to jewelers school and give you some tell-tail signs of shit quality jewels. At the very least, it'll allow you to sound more intelligent when your speaking to your jeweler.

(low quality diamond. CLICK TO ENLARGE)
There are 3 main levels of diamond quality: VS (Very Slightly Included) being nice quality, SI (Slightly Included) being average, and I (Included) being shit. Talk to almost any neighborhood jeweler and they will claim all their diamonds are VS knowing full well they aren't better than I clarity on their best day. And why would a jeweler be so fallacious? Because they know you don't know the difference. Simple solution; buy a jewelers loop and practice identifying flaws on your grandmothers jewels. If you see little to no flaws, you're leaning towards VS, if you see a few scattered inclusions it's SI, but if the diamond looks like a piece of frozen spit, you've got yourself an I clarity stone. 


In a time where the price of gold is rising faster than a skirt on a cheap sidewalk hooker, it's important to know what your buying. In an attempt to cut cost, an alarming number of jewelers are selling 8kt gold, silver, allow, and steel while passing it off as gold. I once saw a piece where the jeweler had actually lined the inside of the piece with lead tape. WTF!!! If you're going to buy jewelry, spend the extra money and get gold from a reputable jeweler. It'll be worth more in the future than the soda can metal you could potentially be buying.

So there's nice 4-6 prong micropave setting that actually takes skill to do, and then there's this mashed prong setting that looks like it was done by a blind, 3 fingered drunk! Learn how to tell the difference!!!

Even if you never buy a single piece of jewelry from me, these tips will better prepare you when the time comes to make a wise purchase. At the very least, you wont be made a fool of while analyzing the quality of your jewelers work.


  1. Great write up from a fellow jeweler....

  2. I deal with the same things. I have people who have the nerve to look at my face and say " I know diamonds" Really? How? Just because you bought your girl a diamond and read about it online??.."YOU KNOW DIAMONDS" What Jason wrote is exactly correct. Nice work Jason, keep up the quality and pride.