Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It's 198ish. Some random kid in my class gets a new G-Shock watch which instantly certifies his G-status. He always made a point to adjust the little dials or meddle with the buttons as the other kids watched in awe of the technology. You could always expect that familiar beep from the timer he set to announce that class was dismissed. Everybody wanted one.

Before the end of the school year, he gave his to me. wink

Since then, I don't recall ever owning a G-Shock. As of a year ago, I wouldn't have been able to tell you whether or not they were still making them, let alone, rushing out to go cop the latest styles and colors (crawling from beneath my rock). But leave it to the current state of recycling trends to breathe new life back into the brand.

Early this year, Casio G-Shock celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a huge event featuring "Yeezy" himself who is a self proclaimed fan. In addition, the 2008 Fall/Winter "Crazy Colors" Collection dropped and now these little buggers are turning up on every celeb from Lil Wayne to Pharrell.

But leave it to the fashion forward diamond lovers, and people like Jason who support their habit, to take the fad a step further in the game. As dope as the timepieces are fresh out of the box, you're just not pimpin unless, at the very least, one of your G-Shocks is frozen.

(Below) Pharrell Williams custom "Bathing Ape" G-Shock"

Jason recently iced out these two DW-5600 model G-Shocks for (edit).


When you are ready to upgrade your G-Shock and are looking for excellent craftsmanship, you know JBH has you covered.

Side note: Don't make the mistake of trying to get them done at the mall. Seriously; who buys jewelry at the same place you buy socks? ~VK

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