Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birthstone: July

I couldn't possibly forget one of the most highly praised gemstones throughout history: this months birthstone, the Ruby.

Rubies can be found globally, but the best come from Thailand, India, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and in the United States, North Carolina.

They come in a variety of colors from a bright reddish-orange to purple, but only those possessing a rich red hue are considered rubies. Otherwise, they are referred to as Sapphire. They are great for everyday wear because of their durability and are second in hardness only to diamonds. Surprisingly, rubies are more rare than diamonds as well.

I had the cutest little ruby ring when I was a kid that I would wear religiously; it had such an adorable charm to it. I'm a bit partial because they are my birthstone, but rubies are absolutely fabulous. There's something very chic about their fiery color; they give a regal flare to anything, from gowns to gauchos.

Super Model Diva, Heidi Klum rocked a pair of jaw dropping earrings at last years Oscars made with red rubies and pink diamonds.

Did I mention fabulous? ~vk

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