Friday, July 17, 2009

Rosary Fashion

You can thank the "Material Girl" and her wedding gown gyrations for the ever popular rosary fashion trend back in the 80's. And while I'm not one to judge, you have to admit (as have I) that wearing them had nothing to do with Hail Mary's.

While some traditional Catholics are strongly against wearing them as necklaces, the trend is still white hot in Hollywood. Rosaries have maintained a steady presence in the fashion world, and a the new wave of diamond encrusted versions have hit the scene as of late. Everyone from singer, Tyrese Gibson to Christina Aguilera are rocking these iced out prayer beads.
Jason of Beverly Hills also has a lovely selection that come in white, yellow or black diamond. If you are like me, and just have to have one of these custom pieces for yourself, send inquires to
(Tyrese Gibson looking like a dream in a white diamond rosary)

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