Thursday, July 30, 2009

vK's Kudos: Dream Flights Luxury Travel

You're reaching the end of your work day and you have this unshakable urge for frozen mojitos. Clevelander in Miami perhaps? Great, I'll grab my clutch...
The only problem is that you live 2000 miles away in LA. No worries; this is where your newly purchased Dream Flights Plus Card comes in.

Bring all the luggage you like and leave your regulatory 3 oz. travel sized toiletries at home. The good folks over at Dream Flights Luxury Travel don't sweat the small stuff, but they do make a big impression when it comes to flying in style. That definitely deserves this week's kudos. For those last minute cross country getaways (so necessary), I recommend the Boeing Business Jet.
Boeing Business Jet
Passenger Capacity 20-23
Cruising Speed 521 mph
Range 6800 st.m.
Length 79.3 ft.
Width 11.5 ft.
Height 7.0 ft.
Baggage Capacity 640 cu.ft.

But you're a self-proclaimed cake-a-holic and you insist on taking your work load with you. Why not bring the entire staff along on The Global Express next time you jet out to Japan? You can hear the new proposal on the way and by the time you land, you will be rested and ready for sake.

The Global Express
Passenger Capacity 12-15
Cruising Speed 513 mph
Range 7300 st.m.
Length 48.4 ft.
Width 8.2 ft.
Height 6.3 ft.
Baggage Capacity 194 cu.ft.

You don't even need a reason to hop aboard a Gulfstream 550; your vacation starts the moment you set foot in the cabin regardless of your final destination.
Gulfstream 550
Passenger Capacity 12-15
Cruising Speed 560 mph
Range 7165 st.m.
Length 50.1 ft.
Width 7.3 ft.
Height 6.2 ft.
Baggage Capacity 226 cu.ft.

It doesn't get any flyer... ~vK
Click HERE for more info on Dream Flights Luxury Travel

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