Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Antique Jewelry

I absolutely love antique jewelry. And when I say antique, I don't mean favorites from the nineties that have been forced back to life prematurely in '09. I believe the hipsters dare to call this “vintage”.
No, I’m talking (older than your grandparents) rare finds that aren't massed produced or found at your nearest mall.
This Victorian fringe necklace is made of 18k yellow gold and is about 150 years old. It's timeless design still translates with today's bulky necklace trend. Being an antique, you could jazz up that strapless cocktail dress and not worry about another diva wearing your “say-something” piece.
Now this just screams LA.
When I came across this pendant, I had to fight the images of toy sized dogs in designer handbags.
This 19th century French Portrait locket immortalizes someone’s yapping pup on yellow gold surrounded by natural pearls. You couldn't keep these on the shelf around the dog lovers in Beverly Hills if they still made these today.
The pinky ring game had to have started somewhere; this enameled tiger ring dates from the Edwardian era. Sporting a European cut diamond in his mouth with green garnet eyes, this piece speaks on what would have been the flashy, over the top looks of that time.
Here are a few more scavenger hunt finds from seasons past.


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