Monday, August 31, 2009

And now, a word from El Jefe...


What is going on nowadays?
Long gone are the days where people actually took pride in the jewels they are wearing and long gone are the days that jewelers took pride in what they are making.

More now than ever are you seeing the Nuevo rich in the entertainment industry and beyond dig (not too deep) into their pockets to fork over a few dollars for some GARBAGE they dare to call fine jewelry so they could SHINE! Is it worth it? These people are paying money for garbage that has zero, let me repeat …… ZERO value!

If you want the look of flashy jewelry without shelling over big bucks, do me a favor and just buy CZ’s and silver so you don’t waste thousands on product that has close to zero residual value. I’m seeing more and more pieces being made by so-called jewelers using 8 karat gold or even just alloy!! 8 karat gold isn’t even legally considered gold. Jewelers are using clarity enhanced diamonds and just plain old low quality diamonds that can be mistaken for frozen spit!

Years ago jewelers took pride in their craftsmanship and looked at their work as a reflection of them. Now jewelers are trying to just trying to capitalize off of a new young market that simply don’t know better. I don’t entirely fault jewelers for servicing a market to feed their families. I guess I am frustrated that there’s a growing number of consumers that are simply uneducated in jewelry before making a purchase and they are making stupid decisions with their money.

I’m not saying everyone has to buy diamond jewelry from Jason of BH because there are plenty of incredible jewelers out there (you know who you are). I am just encouraging buyers to educate themselves on what exactly they are purchasing. Take the time to learn the difference between good setting and bad, alloy and gold, and low versus high quality stones. Believe me, there isn’t much to it. There aren’t consumer reports for personal jewelers so each buyer needs to take an hour and study what their buying before potentially spending thousands on some garbage piece that is worth virtually NOTHING!!!

Yes, I know you want to shine; yes, I know you want the girls to notice you, but take my advice, save your money and buy right, buy quality. This way you have an asset that holds value instead of a large piece of tin and an empty wallet…. Thank you!
Jason Arasheben| CEO Jason of Beverly Hills


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  1. I can not agree more with what you are saying the stuff that some of our vendors are trying to pass off these days for fine jewelery is a joke, and what is even worse is they think that we would put such jewelery in our store. Love the blog, and added a link from our blog to yours.