Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stuller's Diamond Try-On App For iPhone

No more excuses guys; they are making this way too easy.

Now there's an app for... getting your lady that special ring she's been hinting about. Yes, you can now get directions to the nearest ATM and try on the perfect engagement ring, all from your cell.

Jewelry wholesaler Stuller teamed up with Gemvision Corp. to create the "Live Diamond Try-on" Application that is available now through iPhone. You simply choose your diamond from an assortment of weights and cuts, then choose your mounting in either white or yellow precious metal. Next, you shoot a picture of your hand, use your touch screen to position the ring on the photo just right and adjust to size. Easy enough.

There's nothing left to do but to spam your girlfriends with the virtual try-on pics of your newly blessed hand.
Don't forget to update your Twitpics.

It's a test worthy new app that should prove to be more useful as the diamond choices are expanded to reach a wider variety of styles and more options are made available to the user. One cool feature it offers is the GPS function that will Goggle Map the nearest retailer that carries your diamond. However, In order to participate, jewelers have to be part of the Red Box Diamond retailer program offered by Stuller, the company says.

For now, its an effortless way to cut down on some of the rock hunting so you can move on to more important things; like getting an actual diamond put on that finger.

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