Sunday, November 29, 2009

Close Ups: M. Sturman Jewelry Featured in Sex and the City Movie

To say that I have a mild case of "Carrie Fever", is probably the understatement of the day.
As I'm counting the days until the new Sex and the City Movie is released, I've been keeping an eye out for the lastest fashions that are slated to be donned in the flick; including some interseting jewelry picks.
M. Sturman Jewelry has reportedly sent over samples from their line of beaded necklaces that are expected to make the cut for the new SATC movie. Now, which one of the fab foursome will be wearing these necklaces remians to be seen, but I'll certainly be keeping a close watch.

--This New York City based jewelry designer uses a collection of unique pearls, stones, beads and vintage pieces, including Swarovski cabochons and blown glass to create the unusual items in her collection. (Source: Luxist)

These two necklaces are also said to have been sent to the movie set.
I'm thinking Miranda for these, but the pearls are screaming Carrie. ~vK

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