Monday, November 16, 2009


Meet the real Billionaire Boys Club.
With a razor-sharp eye for interior design and some profitable business ventures, Candy & Candy Ltd. continue to flourish as one of the most highly sought after luxury housing firms across the pond.
The London based team of brothers, Nick and Christian Candy have proven their staying power despite the real estate slump in the UK. Although they've suffered a few shaky deals, including an ill fated Beverly Hills development project, the duo are said to have doubled their fortune this year. And I can see why...
Along with some amazing properties, Candy and Candy also specializes in interior design for luxury planes and yachts. Hotness.
To truly appreciate the Candy & Candy experience, I encourage you to visit their website HERE ~vK


  1. Their design is as new-money and flashy as their clients... Neither elegant or practical, but it's perhaps what most rich folks want these days.