Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Fire: Bow Earrings

White Diamond Bow Earrings by Jason of Beverly Hills

Ladies, today is International "Treat Yourself Day".
A great way to show yourself some love for being God's gift to the world, is to adorn yourself in these dainty Bow Earrings by Jason of Beverly Hills.
This week's fire piece is made of white gold and a total of 1.61 carats of white diamond. Give the studs a rest for a while and turn heads with these bow earrings with any look.

There are also custom made bow pendants in large and smaller sizes to match. 

Happy Rebecca Black Day ~vK


  1. where do you by them? asap

    1. it depends on how much you trying to spend if you want something real go to the mall .something fake go to the beauty supply