Monday, June 13, 2011

Limited Edition Nike Questlove Dunk Sneaker

Jason of Beverly Hills teamed up with popular sneaker boutique, CRSVR (Crossover) for an exciting collaboration on a limited edition Nike sneaker, originally designed by Questlove of The Roots.
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Check out the video from the unveiling party at CRSVR inside The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.

Details on the collaboration and this amazing hi-top inside.

The Nike Questlove Dunk Sneaker was originally released at apparel boutique "Undefeated" in Japan back in February 2011. The varsity red shoe was actually one of three color options, one bright yellow, the other all black, and features a unique button down lace cover.
Jason of Beverly Hills and CRSVR's remixed version of the famed sneaker is tastefully embellished with over a thousand pave set stones onto gold, including 3.5 carats of full cut round brilliant white diamonds and 4.2 carats of full cut round black diamonds that mimic the silhouette of Questlove and his signature afro pick.
This shoe is currently on display at CRSVR Las Vegas, and for you serious sneaker heads, this one-of-a kind hi-top can be yours by special order for 20,000.


  1. 20 grand??? I thought the original one was expensive. Nice shoe though.

  2. That CRSVR shop sounds amazing and the shoe looks amazing. I take it is for sale from the comment above. 20 grand lol Now lets see which celebrity has "Swag" They all say they have the most, prove it. Don't sell them to Birdman lol please

  3. @Shane, if you are ever in Vegas, I highly recommend that you check out CRSVR at the Cosmo. Their gear and shoes are pretty sweet and its right next door to one of the hottest clubs in Vegas! ~vK