Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What To Buy Your (TV) Dad for Father's Day

If you grew up with the Huxtable's like many 80's kids, you probably wondered what it would be like to be the 6th Cosby kid. I imagine a childhood filled with designer sweaters, all the Jello pudding pops you could eat, and one kick ass dad with a sense of humor, not to mention impeccable style. (Do you see this amazing sweater? I am at a loss for words...)
With Heathcliff Huxtable as a pop, you would only want to surprise him with the best for Father's Day. 

He deserves it, as do all of the exceptional dads out there.
Here's a list of Jason of Beverly Hills/Dunamis Timepieces that I would give to my favorite TV dads for Father's Day.
With all the kaleidoscope action going on with those sweaters, Cliff is obviously not afraid of a little color. I'd give him the Ruby Red Herc to set off the assorted squiggles, shapes, leather, fur (?), wool and polka dotted playground that is his wardrobe.

As the football star for the "Polk Highschool Panthers", I'm sure Al Bundy would appreciate this all Black Hubris Sport to celebrate his former glory. That, and a beer.

I would probably give Danny Tanner this Stainless Steel Spartan just so he could monitor the time on those lengthy and dreadful "Full House" father/daughter talks. Wrap it up Dad.

I love Homer. And even though he probably can't tell time without a digital watch, I'm sure he would love to watch the sparkly diamonds floating in the face of the dial. whoo-hoo!

Mike Brady is from the old school. I know he would love it if the Bunch and I surprised him with this Rose Gold Hubris watch to match his many polyester pantsuits.

What do you give to a dad that has everything? More. Uncle Phil is a boss, and if this Bel-Air native could choose anything he wanted from our Beverly Hills showroom, it would be the fully loaded white diamond Hercules Masterpiece. 

"In West Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days..." ~vK

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