Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hot Wheels® 40th Anniversary Car

We all had them right?

You can't tell me you've never shot one of those adorable little cars off your moms coffee table, or built a ramp to see who's Oldsmobile Tornado would catch the most air. (Just me?)

Well I've always been into whips; I'm partial to the 599 Fiorano **shout out to Bryant at Ferrari Beverly Hills, I still want that test drive! But earlier this year, Jason turned me on to something a bit smaller but 10 times as flashy.

We had the opportunity this year to collab with Nick Lechey of boy band 98 Degrees and Hot Wheels® to create this one of a kind piece to commemorate the company's 4 BILLIONTH car. Yeah, no off the ramp tricks with this bad boy.

The "toy" is valued at 140,000 dollars (count the zeros), weighs in at about 22 karats and is dripped in 2700 blue, black and white diamonds with red rubies set as head lights.

The attention to detail on this car is ridiculous. It has a functioning hood with a tiny engine inside covered in white and black diamonds. I imagine that you don't have that kinda juice under your hood. Here are a few pics of the entire process that took 600 man hours to create.

You can have one of these too if you happen to have a couple thousand brilliant blue diamonds lying around...

The cast is made from 18k white gold.

Jason and Nick got the paparazzi going nuts. Watch the vid to see footage from the event.

Chances are, your kid doesn't have one of these in his toy box. But don't you wish you did? ~VK


  1. Yo, This joint is fire... But I'd have to put that bread on a real set of hot wheels.

  2. 4 real, nigga, you know what kinda whip you could get for that?