Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Birthstones- May

Emerald (raw emerald)
The exquisite emerald is the birthstone that represents the month of May. Once thought to posses great healing properties, the emerald has been a hit throughout the centuries. Cleopatra was known to regularly don these earthy green gems-- I say, any jewel fit for an African queen deserves recognition.

Although they are generally quite durable stones, emeralds are known to have small fractures and inclusions which are thought, by most jewelry enthusiasts to give them "character". Often times they are treated with cedar oils, epoxy resins or polymers in order to reduce the visibility of their flaws which is common practice in fine jewelry making. Be sure to consult your jeweler.

Emeralds can be found predominantly in Pakistan, Russia, South Africa and India. However, Columbia produces some of the finest quality emeralds in the world. High quality stones are recognized by their deep green color with a hint of blue tint.

They are quite beautiful, but are a tad mature for my taste. Still, emeralds will dazzle on any upscale red carpet event. Angelina Jolie wore a stunning pair of 115 carat (!) emerald tear drop earrings at this years Oscars that were the LIFE.
Mean green indeed. ~ vK

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