Sunday, May 31, 2009

Million dollar jewelry heist in Paris!

Chopard store in Paris
Sacrebleu! A successful one man heist went down at the Chopard boutique in Paris over the weekend resulting in over 8.5 million dollars worth of missing jewelry. Like something straight form a Parker novel, the prestigious jewelry store was cleaned out by a slick character who strongly believes in the "five finger discount".

"The man, in his 50s, dressed in a suit and wearing a Borsalino-style hat passed himself off as a customer to get in through the security door before drawing his weapon.
He ordered staff to give him jewels from the window display.
They did as they were told and the man got away on foot, the whole robbery having taken two minutes.
Staff in nearby stores in the Place Vendome told reporters they had noticed nothing out of the ordinary at the time.
Late today, only a few leather handbags could be seen in the shop's window."

Ouch. I'm clutching my pearls as we speak.
That's exactly why JBH doesn't allow just anybody to come waltzing into our appointment-only showroom.
You don't want to dance with the burly security at the door either. ~vK

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