Saturday, May 2, 2009

Moissanite Hype

"Throw your moissanites in the sky if you feel the vibe..."

There have been numerous debates among jewelers since moissanites were introduced to the marketplace back in the 90's. Naturally, there are those who argue that these lab-grown gems are a much better value than the real thing. They shine like diamonds, and are often hard to tell apart, so it makes sense to go for the cheaper version, right?

As far as Jason is concerned, nothing could be further from the truth.
Here are a few reasons why copping the alternative (aka "diamond-lite") might not be the way to go.

First off, in terms of price, there is no denying that you will be digging much deeper into your pockets for a diamond. Diamonds take over millions of years to form and come from the earth; they are rare and precious. Moissanites are made in a lab and take about 3 days to make. They're approximately an 8th of the price of a natural diamond, and yet, they are much more expensive than CZs (cubic zirconia). If you don't mind rocking the alternative, you might as well go for the pop rocks.

With that in mind, if you plan to go in on your purchase, most people would agree that spending money on a man made rock that will NEVER increase in value isn't a wise financial investment. As the saying goes, "diamonds are an investment, moissanites are decorative". Sure, you're chain might be blingin' now, but try going in to any jeweler to sell or trade your piece made with the alternative. Don't take the relentless laughter personally.

The creators of moissonite jewelry argue that they have "..more brilliance and luster than any popular gemstone..." and yet, alot of people find that the extra brilliance comes off as almost too shiny. This can appear cheap on some pieces and is a dead give away that it is not a real diamond.

In addition, it isn't possible to create a pure "white" moissanite. The pic below displays an interesting "rainbow" effect that may attract folks that just want something shiny. Still, while moissanite dealers boast that they are more refractive than diamonds, there have been complaints of them having an unattractive greenish/grey cast.
At the end of the day, the decision on which to choose when making your purchase is based on your own needs and preferences. Many people wouldn't dream of going for anything less than the real deal, and for good reason. But in all fairness, moissanites are a convincing fake --just don't try it on wifey. Imagine you fiancees dismay, after years of bragging about her mega rock, she's hit with the news that she'd been Punk'd with a space rock knock off.
Bragging rights= VOID. ~vK


  1. Nuff said.

  2. I'd love to comment. Comming from a 2x divorcee who had to sell her "investment" 2x I am LMFAO!!! I lost more money on diamonds than on any other purchase in my life. If you're really in love, care about your financial outlook and WANT a large "diamond" - then go for the look-alike. Do you NEED your man to spend his hard earned money - the money that is about to become your family budget on a diamond?

  3. Your diamonds aren't worth a darn! And, here's why

    This site just feeds on the materialistic gold digging that has lead to debt stemming from a false need to impress others!