Friday, February 17, 2012

Icehotel: Diamond Genesis

Not to be confused with ice you'd wear on your neck, but this boutique hotel is just as cold. The Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden is the world's first and largest hotel made completely out of, you guessed it...ICE. And a little snow. 
Upon arrival, guests are greeted by what is probably the sexiest igloo known to man. A North Pole Penthouse, if you will. 
This place is complete with ice chandeliers, a full ABSOLUT Icebar (because who doesn't like their vodka on ice?) and even features a suite aptly titled "Diamond Genesis" where you can slip into  a hypodermic coma a reindeer skinned sleeping bag surrounded by giant diamond shaped ice sculptures and the cool night air.
You had me at Ice Bar.

I have to admit, cold weather and I have never gotten along, but the idea of chilling inside of an enormous frozen diamond sounds pretty cool. The architecture and design of the property alone is reason enough to brave the weather and check it out.
Some of the activities and attractions that keep tourist coming back to the Icehotel are snowmobiling and skiing, naturally, as well as the amazing views of the Northern Lights.

(Reminds me of that maze scene at the end of the movie "The Shining")
Check out this video of the awesome Icehotel.

Very cool indeed ~vK

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