Friday, February 24, 2012

Beardgang. Ask About It.

The Beardgang. Say what you will about excessive facial hair, but these guys are growing in numbers. The intimidating stare of a man with a massive beard is known to send some running for the hills. But as they say, you can either 'run with them, or run from them'. 
To wear a facial badge of such unbridled self assurance doesn't come easy to all. It's not for everyone. The sad examples of patchy, girlie man beards just go to show the lengths that some will go to achieve such stature. The fact is, that Beardgang 'membership has its privileges', among many include the undeniable fact that the ladies love their ambience.
Now, in spirit of the gang, a diamond pendant has been forged in the likeness of their bearded leader, Adam Goldston by none other than (beardless) jeweler, Jason of Beverly Hills. See more after the jump. If you have the FUR.

This white and cognac diamond piece, set on yellow gold features the Beardgang logo, which can be found on the apparel line that shares its name, founded by Adam Goldston. 
If the name sounds familiar, Adam (and twin brother Ryan Goldston) is also the creator of Athletic Propulsion Lab Basketball Shoes that were officially banned by the NBA for increasing the average jump height in players. 
The kind of wily genius surely came from the beard.

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Bawse ~vK

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