Friday, February 3, 2012

Jason Arasheben- CEO of Jason of Beverly Hills

There's nobody in pop culture that wears his jewelry better than Kanye West-- HANDS DOWN! Much like his music, Ye thinks outside the box with his clothes as well as his jewelry. More importantly he's been consistently versatile with his style throughout his career.

Sometimes he let's the the clothes accessorize the jewels. 
And sometimes the jewels are the accessory.
Either way he's not afraid to push the envelope. It's funny how Kanye hit the stage about a year ago with 10 or so yellow gold chains stacked on top of each other and people ripped him to shreds. They immediately went in on the Mr. T jokes only to find themselves a year later wearing the same thing. 

I personally can't wait to see where he's headed next as far as jewelry trends. Of course, the jeweler in me would prefer that he actually give me a chance to make the pieces for him. -JA

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