Wednesday, February 15, 2012

JBH on Instagram @JasonofBH

Dying to keep up with Arasheben?

Many of you are already privy to Jason and his many enlightening tweets. In addition to his insight on the jewelry business, this "Purveyor of Lavish Diamond Luxuries" shares his wisdom on such topics as economic responsibilitycurrent events, fashion, and the entire WORLD as we know it.
Now Jason has begun documenting his travels through Instagram, where his followers can take a virtual ride with "El Jefe" through his day to day life. Check out more of Jason Arasheben's personal pics after the jump.


"My typical morning view! @beverlywilshire"

"#needles #ouch #diamonds #drugs #rubies #addicted #girls #men #addiction #jewelry #gold"

'"As your attorney I advise u to....!!" what movie?"

"My little briefcase of diamonds!"

"Charity event this weekend with @katyperry and @mdmolinari in Vegas. In other news I helped a 12yr old win his cave get hunt with my Bowie . Ugh"

"Fit for a princess with a princess price tag!"

"What happens when u mix drinking, diamonds and a broken jewelry showcase #partyfoul #diamonds"

"Valentines day came early! These flowers will go back on the supermarket shelve as soon as she says thank u"

"11.53ct D-VVS2 7 figures!"


  1. His style is AMAZING!!!!! Everyone in his office should be honored to be in the presence of such a man!!

  2. Uh....JASON, is that u? (lol)