Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hole In 100k

Ten years ago, the Odyssey "2-ball" putter became a huge hit with golfers due to its ability to make even the sorriest player's game look a little better on the green. Now they aim to match your "million dollar" swing with a brilliant new putter to match.
Odyssey Golf brings you a one-of-a-kind diamond encrusted putter that almost guarantees to shave a few points off your handicap and make you the talk of the country club.

The piece features an 18 carat white gold head with 240 rubies that mimic the two golf ball sized disks that are affixed on previous 2 ball putter models. 378 diamonds adorn the trim of the head giving it a £100k price tag, or around 160 thousand dollars. 
Odyssey Golf's marketing director Nick McInally says, “This is one of the most striking golf clubs ever created, but it is still a putter that we hope will help the eventual owner hole more putts… if he or she is brave enough to use it."
If you are brave enough to purchase a diamond covered putter and knock out a few holes of golf with it, the piece can be purchased exclusively at Harrods.
Or you could just pay for someone to hit the ball for you. ~vK

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