Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Quintessential Concierge

If there were ever a "Member's Only" jacket that I could see myself wearing, it would definitely have giant "Q" on the front  the front of it. To my knowledge, QUINTESSENTIALLY does not make jackets for their exclusive clientele of the worlds wealthiest players, so I would settle for their members only black card that essentially can make all of your wildest dreams come true.
The global concierge known as Quintessentially is famous for their dedicated efforts to go above and beyond for their clients, and by beyond, I'm mean the bar is set to near impossible altitudes. 
Ben Elliot, one of the company's co- founders has claims that, "We can make anything happen, anywhere, anytime". Let's define "anything"... Say a party of 300 at the Great Pyramids perhaps?

Founded in 2000, Quintessentially has successfully made a name for its self as the go-to concierge for the "cash-rich and time-poor". All of your last minute needs, such as transporting your Lamborghini from London to South Africa for an evening joyride, or a helicopter adventure tracking down rare pink dolphins for your children's amusement is all taken care of in the blink of an eye. You wouldn't have to lift a finger, just your wallet.

This 24/7 operation spans globally with offices in over 60 countries, and more than 700 staff members available to accommodate your every wish.
In addition to some of the more outlandish requests (like flying your plastic surgeon to the other side of the globe on a private jet to replace your false eyelashes) Quintessentially specializes in maintaining a standard of the utmost quality of goods and services that they provide with anything from travel destinations, gift ideas, spas, fine wine and cuisine, as well as the hottest nightclubs and events. 
If they can arrange a private carriage ride for your bride-to-be through the Great Pyramids of Egypt, drawn by 12 white stallions, while being serenaded by and opera singer in front of all your friends and family, then I guess "anything" is possible.
The rider list for the biggest Hollywood diva would be child's play. ~vK

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  1. For the average, middle-class (okay, lower end of middle class) person, it's practically an impossible dream to as much as go and see the Great Pyramids, much less to have a PRIVATE EVENT happen there, including a carriage, TWELVE horses (identical color, too!) and an opera singer... And getting family and friends there? Whoooa.

    And that was only the most "real" of these... Since I can see how an engagement or a honeymoon COULD go that way for the horrendously rich. I'm jealous. And the lonely $20 in my wallet is jealous, too. ;)