Monday, March 28, 2011

Jewel Heist of the Century: "Murph the Surf"

Here's a story... of a crew of burglars.
Who were plotting a most crafty jewelry heist.
All of them had shady pasts, one of murder.
The youngest one got life.

On October 29, 1964, Jack Roland Murphy and his crew of cat burglars engaged in what is has been called the biggest jewelry heist in American history. The robbery targeted the J.P. Morgan jewel collection which was on display at New York's American Museum of Natural History. Some of the rare gems that they almost got away with included the Star of India, the Eagle Diamond and the de Long Ruby.
Here is a depiction of the night in question. (click image)
Source: The NY Times
That's the way he became known as "Murph the Surf"
It's "Murph the Surf"... ♪ 
Lol ~vK

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