Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Breakfast at Planned Parenthood"... REALLY?

An interesting article was posted recently on by self proclaimed "Pro-lifer" Ashley McGuire regarding a proposed boycott on Tiffany's.
According to McGuire, ladies should cringe at the idea of accepting their signature blue box of goodies because apparently, Tiffany & Co is among the Pro-choicers as a corporate sponsor for Planned Parenthood.
Decide if you care (or not) after the jump.

In an article called "Breakfast at Planned Parenthood" (insert laugh track) McGuire says that, "Tiffany and Co. should be the pro-life industry’s newest target. A big red bulls-eye on that little blue box...So let’s start simple. Let’s start with bling. Ladies: In the words of the ever-sagacious Beyonce, it’s ok to tell your man to “put a ring on it.” Just tell him no Tiffany’s, please."
And just why should we ladies have the 'haterade' on deck for a jewelry company that supports affordable women's healthcare to countless people who otherwise cannot afford it? In the opinion of McGuire and many Pro-lifers, by sporting jewels by Tiffany, you are indirectly funding abortions. 
She goes on to mention how effective previous boycotts against AT&T, Kohl’s, American Express, Kenneth Cole, and Rolex have forced these companies who once supported PP, (whether openly, or under wraps) turned their backs on them when the pressure was turned up.
I will hold my tongue on this one out of respect for the opinions and rights of all parties, but I wonder how many people would actually stop purchasing this $5 dollar gas if someone said that it indirectly funds terrorism? Just a thought.

Will you be picketing with your tiara and morning croissant to put the squeeze on Tiffany's?
Share your thoughts in the comments. ~vK


  1. I don't really approve of abortion but instead of protesting I made a decision to never have one. not tell anyone else what to do.
    And I love Tiffany's!! No boycott!!

  2. You've got to be kidding. Sounds like right wing scare tactics. Not that I could afford tiffanys anyway!