Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From the Catwalk to Courtside

I can never get enough of a man an a perfectly tailored suit. 
Add to that, an athletic 6 foot 7 frame, and we're talking magnifique. Since the NBA began enforcing an official dress code for players involved in any league related business, the style wars amongst players like Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James has gotten, well, pretty fierce.
It's becoming more common to see your favorite athlete in Tom Ford swag from head-to-toe, and as you are admiring the best dressed man in the room, you'll notice his so necessary diamond lapel pin from Jason of Beverly Hills.

Excerpts from Fox 4KC review of NBA stars and their fashion upgrades:
"...players were no longer simply satisfied with the convenience of one-stop custom clothiers such as Élevée in Van Nuys, which in 2005 laid claim to half of the NBA's players as clients. Stephon Marbury once placed an order for 82 suits — one for each regular season game — and longtime customer Shaquille O'Neal was known to order 52 shirts and 20 pairs of trousers at a clip.

But after the dress code was implemented, some pro ballers took a page from the music and movie industry celebrity playbook and began to engage the services of personal stylists.

"Before the league changed the rules, it was pretty simple," said Paige Geran, a stylist who has worked with Kobe Bryant for the last year and a half. "The guys would just wear suits for every game so they'd just buy them in bulk."

"After the rule change, "the more savvy guys — the Kobes, the LeBrons [James] and the D-Wades — they started turning to stylists because they enjoy fashion and wanted to look a little more unique. A stylist can bring a lot to the table for them — they're getting to wear stuff that a man who is 6 foot 3 can wear."

Although the regular season is over, that doesn't mean anyone is slacking off in the style stakes. The playoffs are the Oscars red-carpet season of pro basketball. With fewer teams, higher-profile games and more postgame interviews, wardrobe scrutiny is more intense than ever — which is why Wade has some surprises up his custom-made sleeve.
[L.A.-based stylist Calyann Barnett] "We're going with even more colorful pocket squares, and we've shortened his pants hem, so look for tons and tons of colorful socks — and suspenders," Barnett says. "And he started wearing this diamond lapel pin made by Jason of Beverly Hills, so you'll definitely see that."
It sure beats gym shorts. ~vK


  1. That lapel pin is a work of art. Do the players worry much about the Diamond Price when they buy a piece like this?

  2. Thank you John. The diamond lapel pins are one of those 'must-have' accessories for menswear and actually run at pretty reasonable price point.