Thursday, April 7, 2011

Prince Williams Passes On Putting a Ring On It

We featured a piece a while back about the disproportionate size of men's engagement rings compared to women's monster rocks and the growing popularity of the bigger and bolder wedding bands.
When I heard that Prince William (engaged to be married to his fiancee Kate Middleton this April) is set firmly against wearing a wedding band of any kind, I assumed that perhaps he hadn't found a ring that "spoke" to His Royalish-ness. Recent developments say that this isn't the case at all.
More deets on why Prince Will is saying "I'd rather not" to the ring, after the jump.

The Daily Mail reports that Will's decision to not rock a wedding band is a matter of the prince's tastes according to an aid at St. James Palace
“It is simply down to personal preference,” says an aide. “It was something the couple discussed but Prince William isn't one for jewelry—he doesn't even wear a signet ring—and decided he didn't want to.”
You certainly have the right opt out of wearing the traditional symbol of love and marriage, prince or not. And if the wife doesn't mind, which Kate reportedly does not, then who is to make him?
Would this act of non-verbal defiance fly in your kingdom, or would you sooner see heads roll? ~vK

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