Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sightings: Rihanna in j.molinari

Proving that Homeland Security does not discriminate when it comes to their "random" searches, my favorite "S&M" girl, Rihanna was put through a full body scan at LAX airport to make sure she wasn't smuggling any explosives. 
If anything, they may have stopped her for the crushed diamond razor blade pendant on her neck by j.molinari
I'm imaging an epic high-jacking scene featuring a red-head diva in heels with an iced out box cutter.
"Oh na-na..."
Miss Fenty rocked some eye-catching JBH pieces with her casual traveling look. She wore the razor blade pendant from the j.molinari collection, a collaboration with Jason of Beverly Hills and celeb stylist Markus Molinari. She also sported her white diamond angel wing ring also by Jason of Beverly Hills (seen here).

Before her TSA shakedown, Rihanna was also spotted leaving lunch at Philippe Chow, also wearing her JBH set with a cute polka dot blouse, denim cut-off shorts and nude heels. Super cute.

"I like it, like it" ~vK


  1. She is beautiful. Great necklace

  2. I want a razor necklace! AMAZING!