Thursday, December 8, 2011

Game, Set, UNmatch

Enough with all this matching. 
I just returned from a 4 day business trip, and I can't help but notice people's infatuation with obsessively matching when it comes to their wardrobe. The belt matches the socks, the shirt matches the tie, the jacket matches the pants. 
Uhhhhh...WHY? Because a 60yr old sales clerk from JC Penny's has set the tone for today's fashion? People match because it gives them a guideline on how to not look stupid. Its safe. Instead let's try to follow the guidelines that allow you to look like you. Follow the fashion rules that best communicate your personality or how you are feeling. The same principle can be applied to jewelry. Don't be afraid to mismatch metals and stones to give a more eclectic look. 
Let's face it, those who set trends are never afraid to take this leap of faith and NOR SHOULD YOU!   Hear are some examples ....



  1. I feel you on this topic Jason! Now a day's every guy I know got his Louie/Gucci belt to match there wallet that matches there shoes and so on! Crazy how people don't take a chance once in a while on something so simple as dressing! I want one of your ruby rings set on black gold sooo bad! I would wear that thing with yellow gold or whatever! WHo cares what people think clothing and jewelry are supposed to be fun and colorful/shiny! Keep doing good work #1 jeweler in the biz right now!

  2. People that wear Gucci print shoes, gucci shirt, gucci pants is an embarrassment.