Friday, December 9, 2011

50 Greatest Hip Hop Chains

On the topic of the greatest chains in hip-hop, there's one name that you are guaranteed to hear when it comes to the person responsible for these creations, and that's Jason of Beverly Hills. 
Within the hip-hop culture, creativity and individuality in one's chain is essential. For some, it's all about size, others quality or design. In Complex Magazine's Top 50 Greatest Chains in Hip-Hop, jeweler Ben Baller breaks down his list of the chains that not only stand out, but posses a creative element that makes the artists who don them shine brighter than their peers.
Coming in at an impressive #4 on the list is the famous "CRUNK AIN'T DEAD" piece by none other than Jason of Beverly Hills. Baller notes the overall quality of the piece goes further to mention the pendant's record breaking size that landed it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest real diamond pendant in the world.
Check out who else made the list inside.

1. Mike Jones' Ice Age Chain

2. Slick Rick's Whole Set

3. (Tied) Run DMC, LL Cool J, Eric B and Rakim

5. Jonas' LRG Chains and Head Piece- Made by Ben Baller

It's a pretty solid list, but I can think of a few pieces that did not make the cut... 
Your thoughts? 
What are your top 5 favorite (REAL) chains of hip hop? Top 5 favorite of all? ~vK


  1. What about Tyga chain?

  2. These were really some fine chains. The others were so lavish, and while others where so inventive or you could say out of this world. Chains really are one of the essentials of a rapper. It's like a sign for their hard earned wealth. Just be sure to have the hip hop jewelleries fitting to your lifestyle.